Prophecy Rainbow-26.png

In the beginning, there was Great Spirit.

All was love, and love was all.

After many cycles, Great Spirit chose to separate in order to experience self.

And so, Great Spirit created Elder Brother Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon,

the standing ones, the flying ones, the swimming ones (including the original horses), the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds.

All of creation was pure and happy.


One day, the horses asked to experience the beauty, glory and truth of the other realms.

And so, Great Spirit molded the four tribes of horses with sound - creating pegasi to fly through the skies, terrans to journey the lands, sea horses to swim the oceans and unicorns to roam wherever their hearts desired.

For eons, the horses enjoyed the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth, her waters, lands and skies.


Then one day, Great Spirit came to show the beings of Earth a vision of what was to come - The Days of Separation followed by The Great Awakening.

The horses saw many two-leggeds close their hearts and turn their eyes away from Great Spirit. They saw the two-leggeds living in wooden and concrete cages. They saw them fighting within themselves, with each other and with other beings.


They saw the unicorns and pegasi disappear. They saw the sea horses retreat to the depths of the great waters. Only the terrans remained, some connected with the two-leggeds and others roaming the great plains.


As the vision continued, they saw the two-leggeds sink deeper and deeper into separation. Seeking to claim the lands on which the immense wild herds roamed, the two-leggeds began capturing terrans, locking them in boxes and adorning them with horsehide.


The horses saw terrans foal and die inside the same cage, never feeling the wind caress their manes or the sun warm their coats, never knowing the wonder of a starry night.




During this pinnacle of separation, when love and harmony seemed but a dream, the horses then heard a distant thunder, the joyous sound of the herd of all horses – terrans, pegasi, unicorns and sea horses.


Arising from the ashes, the horses saw themselves, so very different and separate on the outside, and yet one in love on the inside.


With hearts ablaze, the herd traveled all around Mother Earth sharing the Divine message of beauty, glory, truth and love with horses who had the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to remember.


It was to be challenging, but so worth it, as the vision showed them horses around the Earth awakening and remembering, like flowers blossoming in a meadow.


The herd of all horses then journeyed again all around Mother Earth, joining the

four-leggeds, the swimming ones and the flying ones together to form the legendary Rainbow Herd.


With love as their song, The Rainbow Herd once more traveled all around Great Mother, in this journey connecting with the two-legged Rainbow Warriors, bringing dark to light and bringing back Heaven on Earth.





After seeing this vision, the horses volunteered for this grand experience.


With joy and thankfulness, Great Spirit named them “The Trailblazers – Emblazoners of Love.”


After encoding their hearts with beauty, glory, truth and love, Great Spirit taught them horse song, The Rainbow Herd Hoof Stomp and how to travel by the light of their inner star.


To each tribe, He further bestowed the wisdom and power of an element.


Great Spirit breathed the wisdom and power of air into the hearts and wings of the pegasi. In a graceful dance, He filled the hearts and hooves of the terrans with earth wisdom and power. He sang the gifts of water into the hearts and fins of the sea horses. In a blaze of glory, He blessed the unicorns, pouring the wisdom and power of ether into their hearts and horns.

Having thus gifted His beloved creation, with a flash of brilliant white light, Great Spirit transformed into Alpha Pegasi, the central star of the great flying horse in the sky, who lovingly guides all horses to this very day.