The energy of The Trailblazers has been supporting and holding us all along. We have received so many amazing confirmations, like breadcrumbs guiding us on our path.

I have always loved horses. When I was a little girl, I bought a poster of a galloping white horse. I loved the poster so much that I never unwrapped the plastic. When my son was a baby, I looked through some of my childhood keepsakes. There it was – the perfectly preserved poster! Now it lives on the wall of Little Viking’s bedroom, where its energy flows through us.

Last year my friend, Brian, told me that he always bought a toy for himself on his birthday, a tradition he picked up from his dad. I thought that sounded fun. The gift I bought for myself was Estella, a beautiful pink unicorn with a shooting star marking.

On July 15, 2021, I asked God to open the way for His Plan for my life to manifest, to let the genius within me be released and to give me a definite lead (inspired by the writings of Florence Shovel Shinn). The following day, my mom and dad dropped off a box of my things they had stored in their house. In it was a jacket I didn't even remember from my teenage years when I had worked over a year to save money to buy a horse – a turquoise jacket from the Blazing Saddles 4-H club. 

Blazing Saddles Jacket.JPG

A week or so later, I had a vision of a young mother and her beautiful daughter. I saw the mom give her daughter a present, which the daughter gleefully received. As soon as she saw the cover of “There is More Than Meets the Eye,” her eyes brightened even more, and she asked her mom, "Please read it to me now."

One morning in early August, Little Viking moved his bowl under the light and we witnessed an amazing infinity heart, much like Fred's hoofprint and The Trailblazers' logo.

Later that week, as I was planting lavender around our new pear tree, I found a beautiful heartshaped piece of Earth, like a sugar cookie cut-out of Fred’s hoofprint.

Another day, Mother Earth gifted me this stunning horseshoe stone.

While wandering through a local festival, I found this horseshoe power ring. 

The next week, a horse puzzle came into my awareness. When I looked closer, I saw that the horse on the puzzle had an eagle on its colic, like The Trailblazers each have a unique colic marking (thanks to Lily Rose). Intrigued, I read the description on the back, which said the puzzle was based on a painting by a woman who likes to add discrete symbols of love to all her paintings to help people experience that “There is More Than Meets the Eye.”