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Part One of The Trailblazer Series,

"There is More Than Meets the Eye," is now available!

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In this glorious tale, our main characters, Winny and Fred, find themselves comfortably living in a big, white stable with brown, dirt floors. Having never seen the beauty and wonder of nature, they do not even believe it exists.


When a horse called Raku begins telling other horses about the wind, the flowing waters and the lush, edible greens she knew as a filly, they believe she is crazy and mock her.

More and more horses resonate with Raku’s message, but Winny and Fred refuse to believe what they cannot see with their own eyes.

That is, until one night their Great-Great-Great Grandmother Winifred reminds them, with a grandma’s tender love, that “There is More Than Meets the Eye.”

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