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e God for holding us in love and grace.

e Our ancestors for lighting our path.

e My mom and dad for giving me roots and wings.

e My sisters and brother for being brilliant reflections.

e Gillian, Kimberley and Rob for reminding me of the love I AM.

e Bama for giving me my name.

To our magnificent illustrator, Lily, thank you for saying “Yes” and opening the door to your dreams. I love how you have boldly taken on new challenges and expanded into your vision. Bless you for bringing your energy to our co-creation and for giving glorious life to our characters and journey.


Bless you, beloved Megan, for your connected, open heart and your courage to be in your highest service. Thank you for your deep patience and trust and for lovingly designing and holding our sacred spaces. You have masterfully woven Lily’s glorious illustrations, our flowing words and your brilliant energy together to create this divine domain.


Thank you Carol, for reading the first two iterations of “There is More Than Meets the Eye.” Your kind feedback and support encouraged me in this glorious co-creation.


Many thanks to LaLuNaRa for your detailed comments on our digital space and the text for “There is More Than Meets the Eye.” You helped us to refine our words and colors to connect with all.

I flow thanks and love to Mandy Dandy for inspiring our character, Harmony.

e To my beloved counterpart, The Viking. We are forever connected as one. Thank you for standing in your truth, seeing and loving me in my wholeness and supporting me to realize my dream.

e To my son-shine, Little Viking. You weave love and joy into everything. I am blessed to be your mother and to bring The Trailblazers through with you.

e I love you two forever and ever, always and in all ways, through and through, all of you.

e To Sananda and Astara for the remembrance that The Trailblazers are the legendary herd of all horses.

e To The Trailblazers for choosing us to share their story in its highest expression. In bringing through your story, an expanded me has emerged from the chrysalis.


The best is here now.

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