Many moons ago, a child was born. From her very beginnings, she dreamed of being a shining star.


She loved nature and people. She loved walking barefoot, singing and dancing. She dreamed of a world where everyone thrived.


As she grew up, she became interested in healing. As she loved animals, she thought she would make a good veterinarian. During her teenage years, she worked in a veterinarian office, where she discovered that she did not have the stomach for performing surgeries and such.


Wanting to "leave a beautiful trace," she became a teacher, then a social worker and from there a financial services representative. While she enjoyed connecting with people, she felt that she was trying to make broken systems work, one after the other, and that was not what she was here to do.


And so, she set about getting to know herself. What seems such a simple task was challenging to her. She attended many classes, bit by bit remembering, seeing herself piece by piece.


During these years, she enjoyed many experiences and learned many interesting things – all the while trusting that she was on her path of many pieces.

And then, during the winter of 2021, she began camping with her nine-year old son in the woods behind their home. In a blessed act of forgetfulness, they once did not take any books to read.


Her son asked her to tell him a story. Unsure what story to tell, she took a deep breath and asked her heart to weave a triumphant tale of love.


The story shared that evening was the seed for The Trailblazers.


Her son loved her story and asked her to tell the story of the cows, after which he shared his own story. That was the beginning of Rainbow Tales.