About Rainbow Tales


Rainbow Tales publishes stories for the child in all of us.

Our stories are joyful, playful and truthful on all levels.

As Emissaries of Love, we share the tapestry, The Prophecy of The Rainbow Herd, and the compelling stories of the interwoven threads – beginning with The Trailblazers – to gently awaken the Sons and Daughters of God.


We welcome you to our story, and we invite you to connect with our initial offering, “There is More Than Meets the Eye,” featuring the beloved Trailblazers.

About the Authors

Valkyrie and Viking-27.png

Valkyrie and Little Viking live with The Viking on a budding permaculture farm in Peaceful Valley in the United States of America.


Valkyrie is a humble servant of God, an alchemist of love and a thriving herbalist. She enjoys walking barefoot, dancing in the rain, singing her songs and sleeping under the stars.

Little Viking is a child of God. He likes fishing, floating and carving paths for water to flow. He also enjoys taking things apart, connecting things and building all kinds of beneficial creations.

About the Illustrator


Lily Rose is a California born creative, who finds joy in dancing, making music and exploring the beauty of the outdoors. Painting has been her passion since she was a little girl, and this relationship has grown into a career as an illustrator and artist.

Lily uses artistic expression as a way to connect to the magic of life. She owns a small business where she dedicates her time and her heart to her craft, always allowing Love to lead her paint brush.

You can find more of her creations at OfTheEssenceArt.com

About the Designer

Weave the Light is a multidimensional design studio that co-creates with conscious souls to bring their offerings into the highest potential. Together, we weave frequencies into visual expression, anchoring

love, joy, truth, beauty and bliss into the world.

Megan Katherine is the vessel for this work. She delights in the wisdom of nature, the mystery of divinity and the miracle of life. She knows we are all here for a reason and is honored to be in service in these transformative times. It is an absolute joy to feel the vibrations of love radiating out from all corners of the physical, digital and astral spheres.

You are invited to connect with this offering at weavethelight.com.


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